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An official cocktail party and a conference celebrating the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays.


In the Eve of Christmas and with the upcoming New Year the Bulgarian Association “Labor, Health and Safety” organized a reporting conference and a cocktail party with the special cooperation of “Olymp – Safety Equipment”. Thus, it lay the foundations of a marvelous tradition in its first year of operating.

Awards were given for the efforts of the team, their partners and all the governmental and non-governmental organizations for achieving our mutual cause, namely the safe, healthy and effective labor for every Bulgarian citizen.

Short announcements were presented in the organized conference such as a report for the annual activities and the planned events of the Bulgarian Association “Labor, Health, Safety” under the heading of “BA LHS – Culture for healthy workplaces – managing stress, tendencies and perspectives”. Mr. Yordan Stoykov – CEO of the BA LHS and an expert on safety, presented the topic.

Mrs. Darina Konova, a representative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy acquainted the guests of the event with the work of EU OSHA in Bulgaria. Focus points and campaigns.

Mrs. Natalia Dicheva, a representative of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry acquainted the attendants of the event with the activities of the BCCI as well as the past and upcoming European programs for developing the small and medium-sized business.

The official part of the event ended with a word from Mr. Boril Tashev, manager of “Olymp – Safety Equipment”, vice-president of the Bulgarian Association “Labor, Health, Safety”, member of TK-50 and a longtime expert of safety.

Employees of “Olymp – Safety Equipment”, a founding company and a member of BA LHS presented an avant-garde review under the title of “Safely dangerous”. On this fashion defile were presented contemporary personal safety means, work attire and safety equipment.

In the end of the year, with Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner, BA LHS rightfully acknowledged the efforts and the contribution of the governmental and non-governmental organizations for the healthy and safe working conditions.

Ministry of Labor and Social Policy – award was given to Mrs. Kalina Petkova.

Mrs. Rumyana Mihaylova of the General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency was awarded.

Тhe Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – the award was given to Mrs. Natalia Dicheva.

The Independent Syndications in Bulgaria – the award was given to Mr. Dr. Ivan Kokalov.

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerse – the award was given to Mr. Dobri Mitrev.

The Confederation of Labor “Podkrepa” – the award was given to Mr. Alexander Zagorov.

For its realized donation jointly with Devnia Cement, “Olymp – Safety Equipment” received a diploma of gratitude from the special school of “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” in Krivnia village, Provadia municipality, Varna region. Mr. Boril Tashev received a prize for overall contribution in the safety of BA LHS.

Olymp – Safety Equipment” was awarded for its contribution with a plaque of gratitude by BA LHS.

Companies that have implemented different innovations in safety also received prizes:

“Ideal Standard – Vidima” AD – the award was received by Mr. Hristo Hristov

“Biovet” AD, Ms. Elena Tsikalov.

“Solvay Sodi” AD, Mr. Nikolay Danev.

“Yazaki Bulgaria”, Mr. Ivan Zheliazkov.

“Trakya Glass Bulgaria” EAD, Mr Sunay Ramadan and Mr. Musa Dzhivgov.

“Devnya Cement” EAD, Mr. Stoyan Shterev.

“Golden Panega Cement” EAD, Ms. Paolo Fellin.

“KCM” EAD, Mr. Nikolay Chalakov.

“Goroubso” AD Kardzhali, Ms. Kalinka Petrova.

“Stomana Industry” AD, Mr. Georgi Georgiev.

“Palfinger Produktsionstehnik Bulgaria” OOD, Ilian Todorov.

“Elhim – Iskra” EAD, Ms. Irena Dimitrova.

“Holcim Bulgaria”, Mr. Georgi Iliev.

“Nestle Bulgaria” Mr. Jordan Neshev.

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We appreciate the contributions of all our partners to promote the mission and goals of BA LHS – Community socially engaged with the idea of raising the standards of health and safety at work, leading to stability and security in economic and social terms, so necessary and desirable for all of us in our difficult and busy day! We are together, sharing knowledge and best practices, supporting partners.