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Expedition at Kilimanjaro mountain, to the highest point of Africa

Members of Bulgarian Association Labour Health Safety and partners under the command of the President of BALHS – Mr. Boril Tashev, participated in an organized expedition and climbed the highest peaks of Africa – Stella Point, Lava Tower and Uhuru – 5985m, at mountain Kilimanjaro in north-eastern Tanzania.

The climb was in memory of those died in accidents at work, under the motto “Knowledge and skills needed in everyday work.”

Mr. Boril Tashev as a professional instructor for working at height, tested the skill of use of products and equipment related to work outdoors in the mountains and at high altitude. Outfits suitable for employees of companies like VIVACOM, ESO, CEZ, EVN and others.

The desire of the participants in the expedition is that this initiative should be followed up by others and together to conquer new peaks.



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Base camp, about 5000 m above sea level. Strong wind, low oxygen.