Benefits for members

The members of the BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION LABOR HEALTH SAFETY become part of a community socially committed to the improvement of standards in the field of safety and health at work, leading to economic and social stability and security.

The members:

  • have the opportunity to share knowledge and good practices, as well as the support of their partners and a wide range of safety specialists which leads to implementing new approaches and modernizing the implementation of these practices
  • have access to an individual corporate profile and are provided with all the opportunities the Association offers according to your company’s needs
  • have direct access to up-to-date information in all areas of safety and health
  • can easily obtain regulatory documents, practical safety improvement solutions, and safety guides

Participation in this community ensures the sustainable development of members and provides important advantages in terms of achieving the main goal:

Better, Successful and Happy Life for All

We offer:

  • Training with high quality and preferential price conditions for our members. We offer training on all health and safety issues, including training from internationally recognized foreign organizations
  • Consultations of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the field of safety
  • Exchange of know-how between the members of the Association on all safety and health issues
  • Expert Service under preferential conditions from:

Occupational Health Services
Medical Centers
Professional Assistance in the preparation of internal company documentation in the field of health and safety

  • Immediate information on all EU health and safety programs and assistance in preparing for application

International Cooperation

The Association offers:

  • Access to the data base of well-established international organizations in the field of health and safety
  • Consultation on choosing the most appropriate protective equipment, negotiating discounts upon purchase, providing follow-up training on their use
  • Facilitated access to new markets for members of the association directly involved in OSH – Occupational Health Services, Medical Centers, Consultants, Workwear Suppliers and PPE, Training Centers
  • Active interaction with authorities whose work is related to OSH – Labor Inspection, State Inspectorate for Technical Surveillance, NSSI
  • Possibility for legislative initiative in the field of health, safety and ecology

Other varied forms of cooperation:

  • Participation in seminars, forums, discussions at regional, national and international level
  • Membership in a community of stability, security and sustainable development and social responsibility
  • Building active channels for business relationships, communication and dialogue, as well as facilitating access to information and support among members of the association
  • Representing the interests of members of the association to local institutions and authorities
  • Identification of clear priorities for safety development and purposeful culture building and behavior that prevents and reduces work risks
  • Long-term improvement of corporate development and productivity improvement
  • Social Responsibility and Engagement of Companies
  • Incentive to continue legislative reforms
  • Continuity in knowledge and professional growth and improvement
  • Received access to expert opinions, statistics and business studies
  • Ability to be involved in the implementation of various projects and initiatives organized by the association
  • Participation in trainings organized by the Association on current issues with the participation of Bulgarian and foreign lecturers
  • Timely and accurate consultations on safe working conditions, systems, standards, safety through Personal Protective Equipment, and last but not least on current European Programs to providing a favorable working environment and hence effective and safe work.