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Week of Fireman – 08.09.2014 – 14.09.2014

Bulgarian Association “Labor, Health, Safety ” and Resource Systems, together with NFSPPS /National Fire Safety and Protection of Population Service/ organized events on the occasion of the week of fireman.

On 09.09.2014, 10.09.2014 and 11.09.2014 training courses were held, as well as shows and presentations of elevation and lighting systems for rescue in disasters, accidents and fires. Products were presented by employees of Olymp – Safety Equipments, as representatives of CapitalSafety, Peli, SCOTT and Honeywell.

There was impression with the functionality and applicability of the pulley systems – rolgliss R350, self-rescue and rescue device – rolgliss R500, harnesses of CapitalSafety, and lighting systems of Pelli – Models 9430 and 9420 and etc.

Teams of Olymp and NFSPPS showed extremely skill and readiness for rescue and evacuation.


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