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Planned training

Bulgarian Association “Labor, Health, Safety” in cooperation with the CL Podkrepa, BCCI, BIA, BMGK, Resource Systems, Olymp – Safety Equipments and other partners are planning events in various cities within the bounds of the annual Week of safety 20.10.2014 – 26.10. 2014.

The purpose is: Exchange of experience on good practices for safety and health at work.

Under the motto:
“Knowledge, skills and culture for eff
icient and safe work”
leading to better, successful and happy life for all.
We kindly ask all
who wish to take part in the activities to contact us at the following phone numbers:

+359 886 320 415
 887 984 785
contact us by email:

The team of the Bulgarian Association “Labor, Health, Safety”

Dear Partners,

We kindly inform you that a three-day specialized training was conducted in the period from 18.09.2014 to 20.09.2014 at the town of Primorsko. The event was organized by the BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION “LABOR, HEALTH, SAFETY” together with the exclusive partnership of Resource Systems, Olymp – Safety Equipments, Ikonomiks-M and etc. The event was supported by CL Podkrepa and other partners of the association. The main focus of the subject-matter was placed on the innovations of the legal framework concerning Ordinance RD-07-2.

Safety experts from many companies attended the theoretical lectures on the following topics:

  • Changes of legal framework – Ordinance RD-07-3 on minimum requirements for the microclimate of the workplaces, Published in SG /State Gazette/, Issue 63/2014
  • Provision of OHS in collaboration of two or more companies on a platform.
  • Strategic EU framework for OHS for the period 2014 – 2020.
  • World Summits on Health and Safety at Work.
  • Practical training on operation of interactive tool for risk assessment OIRA.

When the theme training finished, examination tests were conducted in order to assess the knowledge level.

All students were awarded certificates for theoretical and practical training passed, as well as additional information materials.

BA LHS expresses its gratitude to the competent speaking presence of:

  • Engineer Panayot Panayotov – Head of Department in EA GLI
  • Engineer Georgi Iliev – Manager of Safety and Health and Chairman of the Committee “Health and Safety” to BMGK
  • Boril Tashev – Managing Director of Olymp – Safety Equipments

The training received extremely high marks for organization and richness of content by all participants and institutions. Besides the serious and responsible subjects of safety and innovations of the legal framework, excursions and fun games were held related to the theme of the event.

The team of the Bulgarian Association “Labor, Health, Safety”